Last week, actress January Jones admitted that she ate her own placenta as part of a healthy post-natal regimen.

New York Magazine was the first publication to call out eating afterbirth as a trend. In "The Placenta Cookbook,"  documented benefits of the "snack" is said to alleviate postpartum depression, aid in breastmilk production and lactation, act as a uterine tonic, and replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy.

But because there have been no scientific studies to confirm or deny the benefits of eating placenta (which, can actually be consumed in pill form, not necessarily with fries on the side), arguments on either side have been strictly anecdotal.

Should New Moms Really Eat The Placenta?


If the benefits above were proven, would you consider it?

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Just for the record, nope I wouldn't even consider it - pill form or not!

Me neither!!! 

Chris Wagner said:

Just for the record, nope I wouldn't even consider it - pill form or not!

I like the asian tradition to plant it under a tree. It sounds gross to :)

Definitely NO. lol. I seriously gag at the thought of eating it. As if that wasn't bad enough.. think about if you accidentally ate someone else's. lol. How did you like that poll under the article? There was no option for "No way Disgusting!" I wanted to click that one, 

   If it were quickly and safely processed for pill form I would have. The meat you buy at grocery stores or a cheeseburger from a fastfood joint is a whole lot more disgusting to me than what has safely nutured the baby for 9 months. Besides I don't believe there are recalls on your own placenta for E.coli or salmonella contaimination. I would not be able to sit at the table with a knife and fork and eat it. I can't even eat a chickens egg but def. in pill form. I handmake my dogs food and when I do liver or beef heart I really gag and feel funny so def. pill form only...:(

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