Typically my son would sleep until 7 or even 8:30. That gave me time to get up, work, get myself awake etc before he got up raring to go.I usually try to get up by 6:15 or earlier depending on my workload. The past week or so he is getting up earlier and earlier. Sunday morning he was up at 4:50 and didn't go back to sleep!!! I had the alarm set but he beat my alarm. sigh... I am not trying to sound like a complainer so please understand... I go to bed late because of working after he is asleep, housework etc. I am just curious as to WHY he's continually getting up earlier. I am thinking of moving his bed time till 9 instead of around 8:30. He's 61/2 and we homeschool so we have a routine but right now we are on break too. I thought also of putting a clock in his room and saying if it's before X time then you need to try and go back to sleep or play quietly in your room. I don't feel he's getting enough rest either because he's falling asleep during the day. (he stopped with naps when he was 2 1/2.his choice not mine LOL) 

Anybody try the clock thing or have any suggestions? Maybe he's just getting the excitement bug and practicing for Christmas morning?? ::sigh:: Have you dealt with this before where their sleeping changed all of a sudden? Thanks!!

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hhmm. we black out rows room and all he has a dim night light. So even at 9am it looks like 10pm. That works pretty good. He gets up about 8:30 or later on the weekends, during the week i have to wake him up at 7 for school and work.  But he's a sleeper :-) He likes to sleep.  I think the clock is a good idea, IF he will follow it :-)  If he's falling asleep during the day he really does need to try to go back to bed in the mornings.  Does he wake up hungry? or he just wakes up wide awake?? what about wearing him out before bed time by playing outside, football or something? That's what we try to do :-) 

My granddaughter started getting up early or what my daughter said was early. The time change has affected her sleep pattern. She usually slept until 5:45 then she would wake up, have a bottle and go back down until 6:30, since the time changed she has been getting up at 4:45. My daughter gets up to give her a bottle, then my daughter can't get back to sleep. She tries to keep the noise down but my granddaughter will not go right back down after her bottle. I had her over a weekend and she would get up early and would not want to go back down until after 7:00. This time change has affected children as well as animals. I would just let my granddaughter stay up in the evening until she wore herself down then she would nap all night. I will take them some time to get their bodies readjusted, just in time for the clocks to be changed again.

My boy is only 3 1/2 but he was doing this for a bit. We did like Row's~mommy suggested and blacked out the room. This helped SO much. Also, wearing him out in the evening is always a good plan. =)

My oldest daughter who is also 6 1/2 has always been a very early riser and horrible sleeper. She would get up and wake up my younger daughter who is a great sleeper.  I finally had enough and put clocks in both of their rooms and told them if the clock does not say 8:15 at least do not get out of bed but read quietly or play quietly.  It has worked wonderfully so far and my younger daughter gets the sleep she requires.  Their bedtime is typically around 9:00.  We also homeschool and have our semi-schedule, so it works out.  I also make them both have a rest time during the day, for about an hour to hour and a half.  They don't have to go to sleep but have to rest in their rooms, quietly.  :-)  Good luck because its NOT easy! 

thanks :) I think we will definitely try the clock. I try to make  sure he plays and gets worn out. I really thought after the day we had Saturday he would sleep later but he was  up earlier lol  I do believe this time  change could be a big part too. thanks for the tips!!

Melatonin seemed to also help my daughter when she was having a particularly rough time falling asleep.  The store sells the meltaway ones that are safe & were recommended by her pediatrician. :-)

my mother invested in a daily subscription to the local newspaper when I did this as a child. I looked forward to the independence of retrieving MY newspaper from the box each morning. the anticipation of reading about / learning & KNOWING of local & worldwide happenings BEFORE the rest of my family. this was tremendously helpful in my WANTING to learn to read, the development of my vocabulary, not to mention that I was able at a very young age to differentiate fact from fiction and truth from opinion based on the "truthfulness" of the reporting in the newspaper. I am 54 years old and have read the newspaper EACH MORNING OF EVERY DAY POSSIBLE SINCE! I used this same method with my children (when they were 18 they stopped the REQUIRED daily reading) and they both are well spoken and well read with extensive vocabularies they are able to utilize correctly! the one thing you must be careful with, that my parents and I as well discovered, was that your young children will point out ANY 'departures' from the truth-as they know it- NO MATTER WHO HAS SPOKEN!  my kids & i BOTH have had to be taken aside and told that it was not "tactful" for children to tell adults "THAT'S NOT TRUE!"


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