Filed on the 3rd. But it's telling me on the IRS site, i shouldn't expect it until the 6th of March... I know people who have filed a day before me and days after me and the have either already got it, or are scheduled to get it tommorow. Forget trying to get any sort of a live person at the IRS. It blocks u from getting out of the automated system. Just curious if anyone else id having this issue with their's taking forever and a day while everyone else has gotten theirs..I figured mine is taking so long because we have a student loan listed on ours, but people i work with have loans, property taxes and all this other stuff on theirs, and they got theirs in no time. Just seems weird to me..

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Same exact thing is happening to me. I filed on the 3rd of Feb and i wasn't able to get a "wheres my refund" estimate until just yesterday and its saying that i should get it by the 6 of March. My sister that filed a couple of days after already got hers. Im thinking there was a system glitch for people that filed on the 3rd? I dont know but i was upset when i saw that date yesterday. Did you file using turbotax?

They are having issues with several things this year. They told my parents who filed around that time to give them at least 21 days because of being so far behind. Mine told me a date and it actually came before that so hopefully that will happen to you guys too.

yes!!!!!!! i did file that way! and some of my co-workers used turbo tax too and one filed the 5th and got here last week! the other used it, filed on the 2nd and is getting her's tommorow. So know it's all making sence... i'm surprised they havn't gotten massive calls on this to where they'd fix the glitch. But then again, i've called literally every number listed for them and i never can through to an actual person. It always kicks me back into the automated system..... it's annoying!

Now we can be miserable together! J/K, lol. I so wanted my money, and turbotax estimate date was from the 10-24 and now is march 6th on the IRS website. Truth is i was glad to at least be able to get an estimate date from IRS because i had been trying for weeks and nothing. 

i know me too, their site has been down for weeks. I just sent them an email telling them the issue but i doubt i'll get anywhere. I guess we just have to sit back and wait. But it is very annoying knowing that people who are filing after you, already have their money. That's just not fair..

They are aware of the problem. I filed on Feb 3 and accepted on Feb 4. However, at first it kept saying they have not recieved it yet then it said code 9001 or something like that and to enter extension382 I believe when prompted. The woman I spoke with told me eveything was fine and that they had been having issues with all returns e-filed that weekend because of a larger than anticipated number of them at one time. The website also stated that they were aware of the problem for about a week and a half. Mine said that I should recieve my refund next week but I got it this week instead. Yeah me :)  So they do know about it. All I can say is once again its technology at its finest.

yeah it's just crazy. my friend filed the day before me, and got her's today. mine STILL says the 6th of march as of this morning... im just flabergasted.. ggrrr

I was really hoping I would check this morning and it would be there but no luck!!!

I just went and checked the "Where's my Refund?" and it changed from March 6 to Feb 27, i'm so happy!!!! i hope it doesn't change back ;) 

yeah mine still says the 6th, i just checked it again. i really don't understand the IRS, but then again, who does haha i guess we get it when we get it :-)

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