I myself have read a lot of blogs that have come along with conspiracy theories that are centered around what happened at Sandy Hook. Most of them focused on the media coverage and how we didn't get the whole story. One professor at Florida Atlantic University is catching flack for his own blog about the tragedy. Take a look at the article and tell me your thoughts. Do you think we will ever have the whole story or that we already have it? 


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We will never have the whole story. Unless the person who physically does these things leaves a note or personally tells a specific reason why, we'll never know. We will just be left with theories...

Professor at FAU not really getting flack he is known for his thoughts on conspiracy and I know several ppl that have had him over the years and some that took him for several classes due to his off the wall thinking. But no I don't think we will ever have the whole story and I feel that the media is out of control about it the story we get from them changes regulaly about it.

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