My daughter will be six weeks on Sunday and I'm looking for a daycare for her. Does anyone know anywhere with opens that they would recommend?

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Blessed Trinity's Angels in Arms, Kinderoo, First Baptist, Training Up a Child, and Family Ties was getting rave reviews on here a couple weeks ago.

Family Ties is an excellent daycare; however, they do not take infants that young. I believe that they have to be 20 months old... Good luck on your search.

My sister-in-law has a home daycare in Anthony. She is licensed and takes children that young.

Her business name is Karleen's Home Daycare in Anthony, Florida. I do believe she has an opening

Hi there....I own a family daycare with an immediate opening for an infant. I have great references and have been licensed for over 7 years now. Melissa 690-6656
Triumphant tots has an opening I believe!  it is a really good daycare!  352.351.2470
Tatti Tots is a great home daycare in Ocala. She takes 6 wks to 12 months only. I think her first name is Sandi. I don't have a number handy. I know she attends church at St Pauls Methodist near Ward Highlands. She has her business cards posted at the preschool there. Her husband works for the State Attorney's Office ( I think). If I get a number I'll repost for you.

This is Sandy from Tatti- Tots Infant Childcare.  We currently have an opening for infant care.  My phone number is (352) 368-1016.

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