One mom shares that her child is changing and she is in mourning... As I read her post I can see this eventually happening. The hugs are not as much, the attitude grows bigger and at times you may feel like an outsider wanting so desperately to get into your child's life.

When your child went from needing you for everything to not needing you, did you feel like you were in the grieving process? Do you think you will when that time comes? What are your tips, for those who have gone through this, to help those of us waiting to go through these ups and downs to get through? I for one do not look forward to the day that sharing blankets, hugs, tucking him in and hearing I'm the bestest mom ever ends.;)


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They always need you no matter what age. I was glad when my daughter became a bit more independent that left time for me to seek out other interest. As I learned so did she. Sometimes she would say some things were gross, other times she took an interested in what I was doing. She is now 28 has a new baby and we are closer than ever. My new interest was horses.

I love it.  I have one daughter who is 26 and one who is 18. It's a whole different relationship.  I am very close to my girls and they are both doing great.  My only fear is that I will end up taking care of my grandchildren one day, I see that happen to so many of my friends.   I gave up a lot to raise my girls and I will always be there for them, but it's my time now.

Just keep loving them unconditionaly. It worked for me. I still get some rejection but not as much as some moms I know.

My oldest is almost 11 and getting to that age of indepence. However, I am in no way morning it I find it to be a new adventure. I can talk with her about htings that I couldn't when she was 5 I can reason with her morer like a person than like a kid. Yes, she likes to have her indepence but at the same time she sees that she can do things with me that she couldn't when she was younger. And the older she gets the more she will be able to do that. Even though she does have her days when she says I'm ruining her social life. LOL But for me it is not a time to morn it is a time to look for new adventures. And she still gives me hugs and kisses maybe not so much in front of her friends but when they aren't around she still wants me to come tuck her in and say good night :)

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