One teen made the news this week when she found a wallet with $600.00 in it and she... RETURNED it. :) This 14 year old found the wallet while at the bus stop and she gave it to her principal when she got to school. Some of her classmates were shocked she did that.

The owner of the wallet was so very thankful he gave her one of the $100 bills in the wallet as a reward. She said that she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she had kept the money...

Do you think it's sad that it hits the news when a child does the right thing or do you think teens get a bad rap due to all the negative that gets publicized?


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I have given this alot of thought here lately. I would hope that my kids would do the same. My husband saw a child drop her moms wallet out of the grocery cart & he & my daughter went to the lady & handed it back. With all the things going on around us, I really have to step back & realize these things happened when I was a kid, only difference is as kids we didn't pay much attention to it, just like my kids don't pay it much mind, but as parents we hear about it & think what is the world coming to?? When it involves the safety of our kids I seem to want to keep them in a bubble, but I know I can't so I just hope everything works out, just as it did when we were kids.

I don't think it's sad that this story made the news, what I do think is sad is that stories showing all the good that young people do aren't published more often. Of course all the instances of teenagers who mentor young children, those who raise money and awareness for good causes or the ones who do well in school, work hard, help their parents and are just all around good kids don't generate the attention or sell the amount of newspapers that the tales about the teenagers who rob, murder, rape, etc. do. It's not that there aren't any wonderful kids out there anymore it's just that their stories aren't the sensational, headline grabbing horror stories our society craves.

I also think that we judge teens on their appearance and automatically categorize them by what they wear, the loud music that is blasting from their cars or the slang that they use.  Think back, as teens were we not the same?  Yes, there are extremes and there does appear to be more troubled teens lashing out but as a society and as parents, I think we need to take responsibilty for knowing what our teens are doing, where they are and who are they hanging out with.  Just because they have keys to the car and are developing their independence doesn't mean we should step out of their lives entirely, they still need guidance.  More importantly, I think they crave it.

There are great kids out there and as RC said, unfortunately their stories aren't often heard.  So, let's tell them here!

I'm proud of my son for reaching out to a new resident in town and to our country - from Trinidad! and making him feel welcome.  He's coming to dinner tonight and I sure hope he like pasta!

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