Mu husband is disabled and because of this we receive Medicaid. I have called around quite a few Doctors but with no luck finding a Doctor that accepts it. Does anyone know of a family practice that accepts Medicaid?

Thank you,


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 Try Dr. Cesar Gamero 352-369-9777  Ocala Family Medical Center 352-237-4133.

 I am almost positive in the waiting rooms I have read mention of Medicaid. I apologize in advance if I am wrong.

Thank you. I will try them tomorrow

Here is what you can do call them and tell them that you want to change you PCP to dr obio and then call them they do take Medicaid but you have to make the change and have him s your PCP and the call to set up a new patient appt there number is 622-4888 I am doing my exten over there and that is how it works thank you Winna

Thank you so much! I will be doing that in the morning

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