He did mine and he does now but I find myself not pushing the bunny as much as we talk about Santa. My child is taught the reason we celebrate the holidays in our family and Santa is much bigger than the bunny is. I honestly haven't taken him to have his picture with the bunny in a long time. He doesn't want to sit with him so I don't fight him :) . I find myself honestly going a few days before and getting a few items for the Easter Basket. It doesn't feel near as exciting and surprising as it did when I was a kid. Why do you think that is? I get so excited for Christmas and I LOVE Easter but the bunny... he doesn't seem to impress my son or me anymore LOL

Does he come to visit your house? Is it as big a push and exciting as Santa or not really?

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Yes :-) I think for right now though i get more excited then he does since he's only about 3. But his eyes lit up BIG when he got to sit with the easter bunny and i can't wait to see him with his easter basket :-) In our house we believe in the easter bunny, santa, the sandman :-), the tooth fairy, jack frost, the great pumpkin (haha) etc.. and i wouldn't have it any other way... What better way to be a kid then to have dreams and believe in magic :-) I was raised the same way and i'm so glad i can pass that along to my son and have my own memories with him just like my parents have with me for those occasions. Although for my son we use plastic eggs and fill them with candy, money and stickers or little objects. The egg coloring will come when he's older :-)

  We were raised Roman Catholic so Easter was a very big deal. Almost akin to Thanksgiving. We did have baskets but with one chocolate bunny and a few jelly beans and some loose change. I think we enjoyed the egg coloring and hunt part as well.

 My children today are not raised as religously so we just  enjoy dinner and give a little basket with dollar store trinkets or toothbrushes and hair gel stuff, and we talk about the original reason Easter is celebrated. We would probably not if we weren't so bombarded by the affair of the Easter bunny when you walk into any retail store for 3 months prior to the hoilday. My 3 year old asked in Walmart when the *candy bunny* was coming so he is definitely is way off the Easter meaning track. I think I'll just take a picture of him playing outside again and celebrate that it's Spring and all the new baby animals are here and it's time to plant and garden.

My son is 19 and yes, the Easter Bunny still comes to our home and we hunt for eggs :-)   Love that he's still a little kid at heart!

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