I need help solving a problem concerning the school system. I do not have any children in the Marion County Schools yet I keep getting phone calls about My Son not attending classes or skipping school altogether. The calls are robo calls so I have no way of answering the person back and letting them know that I do not have children at their school. I finally got a number through caller ID and informed the school about the issue but the calls continued. I was told that I need to inform the main office of the school system about the confusion. I do not have a last name of the child so I don't know what to tell the main office, all I know is his first name and the name of the school he is suppose to be attending. My question: is the contact information of the children updated after the holiday break? I would think that the schools would want to know if the family moved during the holidays or if numbers changed. There is some kid out there that is not attending classes or not even on property during the day and no one is informing the parents that their kid is getting into trouble. If you know of someone I can contact that would be so helpful. Thanks

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The main problem is that a lot of times parents don't give the school the proper information. I would call the main office and give them the school name, the students first name and your phone number.

I have had this problem in the past as well.  If you know what school it is you can call them and let them know what's going on.  They can remove your number from their lists.  If you don't know what school, try calling the school board for assistance.

I know the school and they have changed the contact number, the problem is at the main office. I contacted them and they told me they can't do anything since I don't know the last name of the student or the name of a parent. The kids name is Roy and goes to Kingsbury Academy that is all I know. Thanks for your help

It was a different school, but I was able to give the school my phone number to get the issue resolved. It's weird that they won't help you.

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