Hi everyone!! So my 4 (almost 5) year has started telling us that stuff looks fuzzy, blurry. So I am looking at eye doctors to take her to, I want to make sure she is not needing glasses. 

Has anyone had any experiences with any of these eye doctors in our area?

Lange Eye Care

Ritz Eye Car

Optical Express

We have Medicaid for the kids, so the eye doctor would need to take that, any suggestions would be awesome! 


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The eye doctor we see is in Gainesville at Shands... Not sure on pediatric ones around here.... 

Thanks! Will have to look into it! :) 

Eye doctor is kind confusing...

Ophthalmologist (MD or DO):  The real eye doctor...does surgery, prescribes medicines/glasses and does eye exams

Optometrist (OD):  Does eye exams and writes prescriptions for glasses ONLY

Optician:  Makes the eyeglasses from prescriptions

Ocularist:  Makes eye prosthetics, like glass eyes from prescriptions

I called a friend who works at a local ophthalmologist's office...she said that Dr. Zanetti used to take Medicaid (maybe that has changed) but she thought that Optical Express still took medicaid.  Her office would give you a discount and make payment arrangements, but the glasses would have to be paid first, then you could get the glasses.  Have you tried the health department or your local church for assistance?  Interfaith and Brothers Keeper may be able to help you as well.  Good Luck

We take our grandson to Dr. Cheney with Ritz Johnson on 17th Street. He does accept Medicaid and we have never had any problems.

Also Dr Latif Hamed is an excellent pediatric ophthalmologist. 352-237-0090. I also use him. My grandsons also are seen by him-

We love the Hampton Oaks Eye Center in Gainesville. They are awesome with my son :) Hope you like them if you choose that route :)

Crystal Feathers said:

Thanks! Will have to look into it! :) 

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Anderson and the staff at Optical Express.  I have been going there for at least 8 years.  Very good optometrist, great staff (many people to help you), Saturday hours to get glasses, and the largest selection of frames in Ocala.

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