Ocala doesn't need a baseball stadium what it needs is an enclosed playground where grandparents and parents can take their kids to play on cold and rainy days. Schools were closed this week and so were some daycares, many parents and grandparents had to find places to take their kids so they could burn some energy and there is no place to take them when it is cold and raining. We had our granddaughter for the week, the first two days I had her by myself so we just went to local stores, by Thursday she wanted to do something else but the rain and cold kept us inside. Friday we took her to Chuck E Cheese but there is little for a 2 year old to do. Ocala needs to build an enclosed playground with areas for toddlers up to early teens where kids can swing, climb on things and just play. I would gladly donate to something like this. We saw plenty of grandparents with their grand children trying to entertain them while school is out and parents are working. Would you take your kids to a domed play area if it were available?

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You can bet I would be there. I know they have had a few things before like the Fun Factory and they don't last. I know there is a place called O2B Kids that has a bunch of different programs and free play time areas too. I haven't been but it looks really neat. I would love to see something come for children for the inside time when it's nasty out. 

That would be nice to have.  Especially for families that don't have the $$ to go to places that have entrance fees like O2B kids or even Chucky Cheese.  Not just for rainy days, but for the summer when it is too hot to go to the parks and play.

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