The FTC has filed a lawsuit on Amazon for children purchasing apps and coins and running up millions in charges that parents didn't know about. Basically these apps allow children to buy coins with the parents card that is on file while they are playing the games. This has caused many hundreds, thousands and upwards of millions of dollars that have been purchased this way without parental consent. The same thing happened with Apple and a settlement was reached. 

I do not allow my child to purchase things. He knows if a thing comes up he is to show it to me and not click anything until I see it. Thankfully he is obedient and does so. I can't imagine getting hit with a large charge that you have no idea about and then Amazon not doing anything about it. 

CLICK HERE for article. 

Should Amazon have to refund the parents money??? 

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We bought my now teenager a Kindle Touch a few years ago and it REALLY bothered me that I could not block purchases on it, but at the same time was mandatory to have it linked to an Amazon acct with a credit card on file.   We've been lucky where she hasn't purchased anything without permission.  But I can't trust that my younger children would be able to do the same thing. Not because of misbehaving but out of not understanding that it costs mommy money. 

I think yes Amazon should have to pay the money back because they Require their devices to be attached to an Amazon acct that has a CC on file and does not have safeguards in place that stop this from happening. 

I am conflicted on this on the one hand yes amazon requires a card to be on file and whenever I buy something off the site I have to go through a couple steps to ensure that it is really me doing the purchasing. However I have never bought any apps so I do not know the procedure for that. Yet, I think parents needs to pay more attention as to what their kids are doing. That is like saying its AT&Ts fault your child sent 1000 extra texts messages. I know on my iPhone you have to enter a password before you can get any apps including free. My kids don't know the password. Also why aren't parents checking out these devices on a regular basis. From the sounds if it nothing is getting said until a month or so after the fact.
I too am not sure why parents Don't see it. I know I have to put in a Password to buy things on my kindle. I did it that way to keep this from happening. So I don't know if it is other devices or what. I do think that feature needs to be on all devices but it's also up to parents to watch out for those

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