A grandmother in California apparently left her grandson on the side of the interstate in his carrier while she had to go get something. Police say that witnesses stated the child was there for probably 45 minutes by himself. The grandmother came back up intoxicated and said she had left him there to go get some of her belongings...Wow... Really?? 

What do you think you would do in this situation?


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I would be in jail for murder...


but honestly.. i'm sure this isn't the first time grandmas got blitzed. So why would you leave your kid with someone like that in the first place???


Anything could have happened to that kid, and another thing. If the "witness" watched the whole thing and knew he was there for 45 mins, why didn't THEY do something??!!!! They are just as guilty imo. Good grief people really are getting dumber as the days go on... sigh. 

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