Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking for a good salon and hair stylist in Ocala. I need a cut and am thinking about some color or highlights, or something...

Thanks! :) 

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My two favourties for my mum are: Bert @ Neon on South Magnolia next to brother's keeper. She is booked every day, but if you can wait, she'll make room for you and a schedule that you can keep. He number is:  352.629.7001 and press 1.

The fail-safe for when Bert is not here is: Nona at Key West Hair Salon.  The are on the S-curve on South Magnolia.  Walk in's are welcome...Her phone number is 352.351.2991.

Good luck..there will be many suggestions posted for you to try...

i've been using Sadie at the JCPenny salon for awhile now. She's really good :-) I get something different done every 4-6 weeks so she's always up for the challenge :-)

Salon Hartwell WITHOUT A DOUBT....Jeff is THE BEST!

My bestfriend works at Hartwell Salon as well and I think she is the best ;)! She does an amazing job and she is affordable. Call Kim!

Andrea at Austin James Hair Salon on Fort King. Very reasonable prices and a great person, Mr and my three kids have been going to her for 10 years or so... Her number is 362-0528 :)


Stephen at Austin James. His number is 537-1181. Great guy, my girls and I have gone to him for many years.

Go see Shawn.. She is an artist...Here is her facebook page. She is located 11 E Fort King St Her number is 352-812-7012. 

David at Coco's he is awesome! 352-854-8831

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