I'm trying to find a place to cut a toddlers hair. The last place i took him they chopped off his hair and he looked horrible. I'm just looking for a place that has a bit of experience with kids and cutting their hair. Any recommendations?

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My son will be 2 next week and HATES to have his hair cut so i'm very picky about it. I go to Advanced Hair Design in the Winn Dixie Plaza at 36th & Maricamp. I use Jennifer, she is awesome with hime and she does a good job too. She is very patient, talks to him and takes her time. She even let him detroy her station since it kept him occupied and happy. Granted I pay $21 for a hair cut for him but its worth it.
Debbie at Boots Barber shop in the Six gun plaza. My son has been going to her since his first hair cut at the recomendation of another ocala mom'r :-) she is awesome!!! I pay $10.00 each time :-) She's great, i love her! haha my son loves her too!
I agree with Debbie at Boots.  Also, Michael Marchese at the Hair Cuttery near Pronto Pizza in the shopping center with the Ale House and LongHorns.  He's fabulous with kids and the prices are very reasonable.  The phone number there is 368-3698
My friend Kim at Hartwell Salon cuts my sons hair and does a great job. She has a four year old daughter also.
I use Emily at the Hair Cuttery in the plaza next to Wal-Mart on 40. She is fantastic and very patient. She is the only one we let cut Kyle's hair and she was the one that gave him his first hair cut!
yes theres one in 200  and in the corner of 60 ave luis barber shop they are really good thats were a go with my eyes closed and they would do a really good cut  ph 352 237 0400 and the address is  6158 sw  sr 200 suite 105 ocala , florida
I take my son to Hair Cuttery it Canopy Oaks on 200, the lady named Vikki does his hair and does a wonderful job each time....no matter how much he moves, my son is 21 months old and i have taken him there twice and she has done a great job each time

We take our boys to Francoise's Barbershop in the same plaza as Best Buy.

Both she and her daughter Floriane do a great job in cutting our boys' hair.

I took Jakob to Walmart on Easy Street and they were wonderful with him.  It was his first cut and it went well.

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