Do you just have to look at your kids and they immediately know you mean business? I know when I was little my parents had the look and that meant cut it out or you are in big trouble. LOL

I have kind of gotten the look down because I have had instances where I look at my kiddo and he knows I mean business and he stops. :)

Have you developed the look yet? Do you have a look or do they just know?


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I have always had "the look" I raise my left eyebrow and lower the right, my daughter knows I mean business. She calls it the death look. My dad had the grim reaper look, he would look dead at us and point to the chair in the corner. We knew we were in trouble

i have a look that doesn't work, he just laughs at me... i use a 3,2,1 .. and always remind him that if i get to 1 it won't be good.

Mine is kind of a crazed look that means I 'm about to lose it.  It still works with my teen son!

I do not have the look. I have the finger. When my children were growing up in any situation if I raised my finger they immediately shut up and gave me their undivided attention. If they were across the room and saw me raise my finger while looking at them they immediately stopped whatever they were doing. My husband called it the "Finger of Fear". If my children did not immediately cease and desist whatever action caused me to raise my finger then punishment would be meted out when we were alone. Actually, one Thanksgiving when my children were in their late twenties we were all sitting at the table and I was trying to speak but with 7 children and spouses and grandchildren all talking at once I could not be heard so I raised my finger. Within moments the table was quiet. My husband looked at me and asked me how he could get one of those? Even after all those years it still works.

My dad's look still works on me. I know exactly when I'm "in trouble" and I am... well.. older than 23. :) LOL

Cheryl said:

Chris, it still works on my 23 yer old daughter.  I don't think age matters:)  My mom hasn't given me the look in years but I would still remember it.  lol

Chris Wagner said:

Mine is kind of a crazed look that means I 'm about to lose it.  It still works with my teen son!

Oh Yeah, I definitely have the look.  My kids are older and I also now have "The voice".  Ha,ha, just takes one word and they know I mean business, my daughter's BF knows it too!

Here's the deal, without follow-through with each incident very early-on, 'the look' will not garner much attention or respect from the pint sized offender.

@ Chris & Stephanie:  LOL:-)

I think I inherited my mother's technique which is a combo look and use of name. When I was a kid, my mother would say, "Yvonne Marie...!" That came with a look and I knew I was in trouble, especially if she used my last name. I apply the same to my son and it works as he knows there is follow up. However, as he gets older he just seems to be accepting if he has to deal with a consequence. 

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