Sometimes it is just a battle at naptime or bedtime. What do you do to help your little one fall to sleep easily and comfortably? Is it a battle  you dread everyday or only when something is wrong?

Check out these tips and see what others have done:


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For my 4 year old girl, it's easy.  Read her a story, kiss, hugs, and a goodnight song and she's out within 10 minutes. My 3 year old son is a different story, it's a major battle.  He constantly gets back out of bed, needing more kisses or to go potty etc... it can take up to an hour for the boy to finally calm down and go to sleep.  I do routines, and calling things, aroma therapy.. etc... he just has to finally settle down on his own.  Eventually he'll crawl into bed and go to sleep. 

Weekend nap times are ALWAYS a hassle for both, I can't seem to keep them busy enough to wear them out enough to take a nap.

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