High Court Weighs Policy Against Curse Words on TV

The Supreme Court debated whether policing curse words and nudity on broadcast television makes sense in the cable era, with one justice suggesting it's a moot point at a time when broadcast TV seems headed the way of "vinyl records and 8-track tapes."

Some are fighting saying that parents need to have that confidence that if their children watch tv they are not bombarded with the language and nudity. Others say that since it is so easily accessible with cable and internet there is no point to policing it.

I for one don't like to hear all the language. It just does nothing for me. I don't want to have to worry that my son is going to here it during primetime either.

What do you think? Do you think this is an old point and it shouldn't be a problem any longer or do you think they should still monitor it?

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I have almost stopped watching TV for this same reason, too much implied sex and nudity plus the vulgar words. I watch The Big Bang most of the time, the rest is usually DIY or HGTV. The only other entertainment we watch is sports. We have freedom of speech but sometimes the networks take it too far.

I think they need to continue with the regulations.  It's almost out of control now, I can't imagine if they were to stop policing altogether.  Call me old-fashioned but the obscene language, nudity and sexual innuendos do not belong on family TV. 

Seein how the only shows that I watch on prime time are big bang theroy, mike and molly, and two and a half men. Well until they replaced charlie sheen that is. I didn't think it was that bad. But then again in my house its mainly Speed, Outdoor (yes, my kids watch how to skin a deer whatever on tv), Disney. Nick, TLC etc. but considering I pay for my chanels I personally don't care I live by the if I don't like it change the chanel motto. Well, first I have to get the remote to see if there is somethign I don't like first though lol. But since we don't wathc alot of tv it really doesn't matter to me I can just change it.

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