We are still new to the area and we just found out we are expecting #3. I just want to get some real mom inputs. I would like some reviews on your hospital experience with labor and delivery. I would love a water birth but i done think hospital in the area offer this. And does any one have obgyn offices recommendations or any that you don't recommend. Thank you in advance!

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Dr.Marquette is really good   100% only doctor i would recommend

There is a place called The Ocala Birth Center and I think they provide water births, also Dr. Phillip Johnson is the best OBGYN in town!!! I can't say enough good things about him.

I just had my son on April 10th and went to Seven Rivers in Crystal River....it was a good experience.  Its not crowded like Munroe and you get to stay in one room the entire time from Laor-Recovery.  Baby stays in room with you and the nurses are great! Good luck and congrats on your baby!

We have two birthing centers in Ocala... one is the Ocala Birth Center and the other is Nu Season Birth Center. I delivered at MRMC with both of my children in 2006 and in 2008, and I had a wonderful experience! I really recommend Dr. Phillip Johnson because he is Ocala's favorite, and he truely cares for his patients! Do your research. ;)

I agree with Cyndee, I am expecting #2 myself and have seen Dr.Marquette since I was 16. He is really a good,friendly doctor. He also excepts Medicaid.

Cyndee said:

Dr.Marquette is really good   100% only doctor i would recommend

Thank you everyone! We have scheduled a tour with the Ocala Birthing center it seems to be more of what we are looking for.

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