My son has had this problem since birth. His feet turn inward. Although he has come a long way with it,he still has problems with certain things. Earlier I tried to get him to cross his legs,poor boy can't. It broke my heart,no parent likes seeing their child struggle. I have already seen a few specialists all whom said he will grow out of it. Today a therapist suggested he may need physical therapy. Have any of you dealt with this? If so,what were your options?

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My sister had this when she was young and she had to have special shoes made to keep her feet straight, she also used a special pillow between her feet when she was sleeping or just resting. She eventually outgrew it.

I never outgrew it, just learned how to manage it on my own by being self conscious of how I walked.   Mine was caused by my hips being rotated forward in their sockets.  Seeing a chiropractor helped me as well. Have you tried Shiners? That's who I saw as a kid. 

Yea we went to Shriners in Orlando.

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