An Atlanta woman that was home working with her 9 year old twins had a stranger come knocking on their door. She told the children not to answer it because she thought it was a solicitor. The person then started ringing the bell continuously and the woman called her husband. He told her to get the kids and hide. They did just that as the intruder broke into the home. He eventually made his way upstairs where they were and opened a closet to find the mother pointing a 38 at him. She shot six times hitting him five times. He tried to getaway but he was found in a neighbors drive way. 

The mother's instinct kicked in and she did what she had to do to protect her family. With all the gun control issues in the media how do you feel? Do you think families should be able to protect themselves and their families? 


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She absolutely, 100% did the right thing! I would certainly do the same in that given situation where I felt my life and my kids lives were in danger.

my opinion... is she needs more practice... forget this 5 shots deal. one shot, in the head, between the eyes would do the trick. You break in my house, be prepaired not to leave. But good for her for shooting and not being a victim. Guns are not the issue, it's the people using them recklessly that's the issue. Always has been, always will be.

Absolutely.....only difference in my house is, he would have been met with a shotgun.... and Im sure someone somewhere is saying how she could have handled it differently yeah, um nooo..... If you are ballsy enough to break into a home then you deserve to get met with force esspecially if we are home. If you get past the dogs you deal with mama... And to think what could have happened if that woman wasn'tr armed. but yup there will be someone out there sayng what she did was wrong for some reason people think its ok to break into another home anymore and think that the victim should be punished instead of the criminal....

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