I have to admit.. I have never seen it, read it or even truly know what the full story is on. I would like to see this one as I have seen the making of it and it seems to be a wonderful movie/story. What do you think? Will you be checking this one out? 

Many have a tradition of heading out on Christmas day to the movie theaters and this was a sold out show. Do you have the same traditions? 


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saw it loved it and am willing to pay to watch it over and over and over.. can not wait until it comes out on dvd so i can buy it and watch when ever i wish.. until then i will have to settle for the sound track. of course we were fans for many many years! 

If you go be sure to bring tissue and lots of them 

I saw it and it was very good. Definitively bring a few tissues, it's quite an emotional roller coaster. I too will buy it on DVD when it's released.

I've seen the play several times in French.......Will rent the movie whenit comes out.

I'm too looking forward to seeing it.  I read an English translation of Les Miserables when attended catholic high school, and then later read a condensed student version of it in French.  I loved both experiences, so I am hoping the movie lives up to Victor Hugo's classic.

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