After hanging  in a subdivision for our first for years here, we have decided we really want to live out somewhere. All we can seem to find out there to rent with some land is a mobile home type house. It wouldn't bother me I don't think but with the type of weather that can come thru here I don't know. do you guys know of anywhere that is available? or is it a lofty dream for us to be out in the country for a reasonable price ;)?  We still want to rent until we know for sure we are planted here.... ;)

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How far in the woods do you want to live. Finding a place to rent should depend on your jobs, how far do you want to drive. We live in an area that is a small subdivision that is surrounded by horse farms so it's like being in the woods. Thoroughbred Acres off of SW 80 Ave is secluded but not far from SR 200. We lived off of SE 41 ct and it was nothing but horse farms and cow pastures with a sprinkling of subdivisions. Ocala Waterways is an unincorporated subdivision with lots starting at 1 acres and going up to 3 acres. You haven't specified if you want to live in the forest area or what you consider woods. I have been in Ocala for 34 years, with some more to go on maybe someone can give you more ideas. Good luck

Well I would like to live out but m hubby wants to be close to a store but not see houses lol. I could go either way. I work at home but my hubby works close to the airport so I guess in that general area... He doesn't mind driving a little but I think he's wantin to be closer than I first thought;) thanks for the ideas!

Since he works by the airport check out 225 A north of Blitchton Rd, that area is full of horse farms so you get wide open spaces. NW 80 Ave is a good place to look around. 328 by Meadow Wood Farms is also a lovely place with small farms of 3 to 5 acres. Ocala Waterways are close to the Florida Greenways and it's homes not mobiles, most of the lots are 1 to 3 acres. If you can't find anything on your own, go to a realtor, the know the area and can guide you to good affordable places

we are leaving the Ocala Waterway area to move to Micanopy very country and I am super excited.  Not sure if u want to be that way or not but its closer to Gville which I love there is much more to do there plus living in way more country in Micanopy, quaint area....good luck in your search!

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