The stress is finally getting to me! Lol.

Anyone ever hear anything about either

Michelle Forsythe


Laura Amatea?

They both accept my insurance but I can't find anything on them really.

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I don't know Michelle, but I am very familiar with Laura Amatea and I think she is just fantastic. I find her to not only be a highly trained professional but she has the most calming, sensible, encouraging, and intelligent presence about her.  I have witnessed the success she has had with her clients first hand. Maybe schedule a consult with one and see if you feel comfortable...if not, give the other a try. Good Luck! And, I commend you - there is no shame in reaching out for a little support when the piles on our plates get a little too tall to see over. Sometimes it is nice to have a different voice than our families and friends to re-direct us and make a little sense out of madness! Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

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