We are moving! :) We are currently in SW Ocala and we are moving over to the NE area, near Silver Springs and 25th Ave. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for day cares over that way? I have a 4 year old, she turned 4 this November, so she will be eligible for the VPK next year. 

Thanks for any suggestions! :) 

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First Steps at First Baptist or the daycare at First United Methodist. For VPK, Grace Epsicopal. Welcome to "this side" of town :)

I LOVE the VPK at Angels in Arms, it is on 17th street by the Church Hill Publix.

I know this is a little out of your way and Im not sure where you work at but Training Up A Child on HWY 27 near the  interstate is a great daycare and they also offer VPK Programs as well. It is a smaller daycare. I had 4 kids go through this center from the age 6 weeks til they started school.


But also something to keep in mind is that whatever school your child is zoned for probaley has VPK as well. You could also call them and get information. :)

Hi Crystal,

My name is Marie LaRocco:  I do have an inhome daycare... It is small and amazing!!

I have a facebook page , which does have some great endorsements..  I also have

great references!!  I am straight down 36th street from 40 to Maricamp area..


Feel free to call if you would like an iterview!!  Best of luck...

Miss Marie's Little Angels


My kids go to New Beginning Child Care Center on Bonnie Heath in the Winn Dixie shopping center.  I have a 2 and a 3 year old who attend there and they love it.  They are absolutely excited to see their teachers every morning.  And they have a VPK program as well.

First Assembly is right near there and is WONDERFUL!  Son has been there for 4 years, and they do have VPK (through 8th grade).  They also have holiday/summer care available....incredible teachers, staff and principal.  Very hands on, excellent communication with parents, know all the children, etc.

My kids go attend Ocala First Preschool at First United Methodist Church.  It is FANTASTIC.  Because it is at a church, there is a religious theme.  My girls have learned so much and even ask if they are going to school when it is the weekend!

First Assembly, Angels In Arms,
Grace Building Blocks, First Steps, St. Paul's, First United Methodist and Grace Episcopal! My daughter went to Grace Episcopal and we love it! I just called to put my son on the list and they already had 8 kids on the list for next school year, so I would call soon!

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