My son has been tested for gifted 2 times (suggested for testing 3 times, once in second grade once in 5th grade). He has always received straight A's. He has received awards for high state test scores in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. He burst out into tears during his Fcat testing over the loss of his grandpa (who passed away 2 days at home before testing). Yet the school is telling us that that because he missed reaching level 3 on his math by 2 points and reading by 5 points that he has to take double math and double reading and will miss out on his elective and P.E. classes, I feel this is unfair due to the fact that not only have they made the Fcat standards tougher, but this year they also made them learn the Fcat but also common core. Not to mention the loss of his grandpa and his straight A's. My son obviously knows what was taught in 5th grade or he wouldn't have all A's, for them to take all the extra curricular classes that kids look forward to and give all regular classes to punish him is not right in my opinion. What do you think?   

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Wow! This here is one reason I do not like the whole idea of teaching to the test. Yes kids need to be able to show they know the work but with all A's, hasn't he done that already? That to me seems extreme to take those away for only a few points away PLUS having all A's in the classroom all year. I am so thankful we do and are able to homeschool. I just hate kids having to deal with that pressure of that test. I'm sorry but not every kid does well on tests. I would know the information before hand, could tell you what you asked but put the added pressure of some HUGE test on me and it was hard to remember it all. I would think some tutoring or something would help instead of taking away those classes all together... 

That is totally unfair.  Girl, you  need to fight this.  Have you gone to the school board?  Make them look at his past.  Take in proof of his grandfather passing, and possibly retain an attorney.  Your son should not be punished because he had a death in the family 2 days before the testing.  

Not like this is going to make you feel better but I'm dealing with the same thing. My daughter takes honors courses has all A and B's. has never gotten below a4 on FCAT. this year she was sick as a dog and is 3 points shy of a 3. They are saying she has to take remedial reading. This is ludicrous why should any child who has a proven tract record be forced to take a remidial course?!?!?! I am researching info on this and will post any info I find.

These are two prime examples of why they should totally rethink their basis of this test. I really don't get it or understand why honors students who may not do well on one test have to do remedial courses.. That makes no sense to me. Hope you guys get something figured out soon!

The important thing to remember is that it is by state law that students are put into reading based on FCAT scores. 

The only way to change it is to change policies and to do that you have to get people out to vote.

The upcoming primary election is a perfect example. We will have 3 school board positions on the ballet. It is estimated 27% of registered voters will vote. That means just over 1/4 of voters will decide policy for all.

Its the law makers in Tallahassee who made these rules.

I think the schools hands are tied because it is written into the state laws that this must occur.

Not only do we have to worry about who we vote for the local school board but we need to be aware of the beliefs of the people representing us at the state level. There is a lot of money tied to the remedial programs that are sold to schools.  Its all money and the law makers DO NOT have our childrens best interest at heart.

There are accommodations for this type of situation. Many schools have CAR-PD where a student can receive reading instruction in one of their core classes if a teacher is certified. It's especially beneficial for students who barely missed a 3 in reading. They may be called out of class during the school year to take some tests to ensure that they are proficient readers and don't belong in an intensive class. It's up to your school, but I'd suggest talking to an administrator to see what the procedure is for your school. 

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