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Wow really?? She liked to sleep in so she wouldn't feed her baby like she should?? It really is disgusting that there are people that would give anything to have a child of their own and people like this have them all the time.. Very sad and hopefully this baby gets the care and family she deserves!

iam working on getting custody of her just having to deal with dcf and the courts mom rights will be terminated on momday 1,28,2013

OK, this woman should be sterilized so this can never happen again.  With so many wonderful people out there that cannot have children, she *should* have given the baby for adoption if she loved to sleep that much!   Sad part is that she will probably go on to have more kids! In my opinion, when this happens, whether male or female, they SHOULD be mandatorily sterilized! 

the trial is still going on and it is not looking good for mom will keep updated when I know more they are charging mom  

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