Need some advice please about neighbors shooting fireworks at our home and vehicles...

Hi All, I need some advice on what to do next. My family and I were out for new years eve at another family members home only to get a call from a neighbor to let us know that our neighbors directly across from us were shooting bottle rockets at our home and vehicles parked in our driveway. The neighbor who called, plus their company all witnessed this. I immediately called the non emergency line to let them know what was going on and they said they would send someone out to my home to inspect. I never heard anything back from anyone about it. I got home with my family shortly after midnight to find bottle rockets all over my yard, next to my parked vehicles, by my garage in some leaves and by my front door where my gas grill is sitting. Oh and there are burn marks on my driveway from them landing i suppose. Im going to take pictures when there is a little more light outside, but I guess im wondering is there anything I can do or can I report this to someone else or ???? I just cant see this being legal. Im just very thankful that no fires started.

Thanks so much for any advice,


(a concerned mom of three)

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I might call the same line you did last night to see what they say. a problem you may run into is not having  seen it yourself. that is pretty scary and would make me upset too. we're these teens or were they adults? either way they should know better... good luck and let us know what you find out.

it was the father and teen son doing it in front of his friends. i just went out and took pics of all of them. their called moon launchers from what i could gather from the various pieces except for one thats a lot larger style that was shot at my garage. there are even some on my roof and in my back yard that i have pics of as well. will get a total count in just a little while as im going to upload them to my computer. they definitely should know better as dad works for the tax collectors office and mom is a dispatcher for the ems and son goes to forest. thanks, i will plan on calling back that same line.

Wow that is crazy!! Why would anyone think to do that? I mean honestly... That really stinks! Let us know how it goes. You guys haven't had any disputes or anything with your neighbors have you? I mean just trying to think of a reason anyone would do that... They should know better and know they are going to get caught...

Correction, their called Moon Travellers and their were 50 different red sticks either by my vechicles, in my front or back yard, or even on my roof. Still not sure what the big one is called, because it is partially covered by leaves and i dont want to touch it. Definitely more upset now that I know how many were shot off toward my house and vehicles :(

No, we occassionally see the mom outside and will say hi to her or wave and she will respond, the dad would never respond to us, and the son will never respond either so we just stopped acknowledging that the dad and son when we seen them outside. The son and his friends are very inconsiderate, for example the teen playing basketball out in the road between our driveway and theirs, when they see us pulling in they continue to play blocking the whole street or will stand in our driveway blocking us to pull in and will only move when we keep easing in. Not to be judging people because i know no one is perfect including ourselves, but their the type(father and son) that act like no one is as good as them, or that their the only ones who matter in this world if that makes any sense. Ive never had issues like this with any neighbors ive ever had and ive moved my share amount of times.

Perhaps a little vigilante justice?  We can form up a posse and all ride up to their home on horseback wearing hoods with burning torches and demand they send someone out for a hangin.  After we pick our victim, we'll bust out the windows in their barn and stuff it with kerosene soaked hay and set fire to it to teach them the lesson that we won't tolerate their kind of scum in our village.

at least you have a witness. I would call the police. and also walk to that house and let them know you have witnesses who watched the whole thing and they need to get their butts over there and clean up all that garbage!!!!!!!! If they refuse, maybe a officer will help speed them along since they are littering. There is a fine for that.

Definitely call the police again and give them names. These people have no right to put your family in danger.  I know people like that. They are stuck up and usually Ocalan natives. They think they are better than everyone else and above the law if they work for the government in some way. Yes, their kids do no wrong as well.

OK from what I gather these people live accross the street from you and were shooting fireworks. well what goes up must come down. Do you really think these people were purposely aiming at your house or was it the plain fact that if they live across the street they were just lighting them and they flew that way?? I'm sure others had debry in their yards as well and that others were lighting them off as well. Unless you were right there watching and the held the thing aimed directly at you I don't think there is much you can do. You said you weren't home and that someone called you and said they were lighting fireworks outside. Well you either hoold bottle rockets and let them off or stick them in the ground and they then go in whatever direction and land where ever. I think unless you were there to witness it and see what was actually going on youi may be making a mountain out of a molehill. If you had said that they were aiming them at you or your family I would definately say that you should have taken care of it that night but this looks to me like people trying to enjoy themselves on New Years and people making a bigger deal than need be.

If you want action of some kind taken, you should talk to the police about it.

The only fireworks legal for use by consumers who don't possess a special permit are those that fall into the category known as "sparklers". You can buy other fireworks, but it is illegal to do so. Stores who sell these fireworks are exploiting a loophole that allows them to sell the fireworks for legal, approved uses. When you buy them for your backyard fireworks show, as your neighbors did, you are breaking the law.
In Florida, possession or use of illegal fireworks is classified as a misdemeanor, and you can be arrested. If found guilty, you can be fined up to $1,000 and sentenced to up to a year in prison.

yeah that waiver they have you sign is a joke. Oh yes.. I will use them to just scare birds off with wink wink..

I understand what goes up must come down but come on! It seems a little drastic to have THAT many in just YOUR yard. It's rude and inconsiderate. He's an adult and should know better. What if you and your family did that to his house? Try it. When they go out to dinner even if you don't want to put yourself in danger don't light them....just the mess alone is aggravating. Sigh....that's ridiculous.

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