I am new here, and I am excited at idea of meeting other Moms!  I grew up here, left for years, and came back to raise my babies... but all my old friends seem to have moved on.

My son Conner will be 8 in July and is a spunky, friendly, and funny boy!!!  My daughter Chloe just turned 3 in February and is the sweetest most kind hearted little person!  My problem is that the poor think has no friends  :(   We live in a small wooded area and there arent a lot of kids here, and the ones that we do have are boys.  I hope to maybe find some future playdates for both my kids... but most definately for my sweet, friendless daughter.

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Welcome back! I know how you feel. I started a little playgroup for my son when we moved here and we still meet if you guys would like to join us. He will be four in may but we have several little girls in it and a few boys. :) Just let me know if you want me to message you about it. Welcome andI hope you guys like living here again!
It is hard moving and getting acquainted with folks. If you are looking for something in the evening, my son is 8 and really enjoys Awana at First Baptist on Wednesday nights - he has made a lot of friends through that. They have a group for young ones your daughters age - there are two or three girls I'm thinking of that would make sweet friends. There is also a MOPS group that some of my friends attend that would be a good place to get acquainted if you are looking for a daytime idea. Let me know if you want more info on either. Both groups then offer things for us moms to do to make friends too :)
Thanks so much Jennifer and Allyson for responding! I honestly didnt think that anyone would do so so quickly! I welcome any and all suggestions for playgroups!! However, I would like keep any times set during the day as the evenings are spent preparing our family dinner and enjoying family time... I'm a stickler for these things lol...
I moved back about 7 years ago, but like I said most of my old friends have either moved on to some other place, or we just arent able to connect the way we did before. As you grow, you change and I left Ocala when I was 20... I am so far from being the person I was then its not even funny! lol. Now, I am 34, married, have 2 fabulous kids, and I have lost weight, become passionate about nutrition and fitness (for myself AND MY KIDS) and some of that just doesnt vibe with the few that are left. Sad really.

\My daughter is a little clingy with me (which I LOVE by the way! LOL) but has been getting more independant lately... I hope that this will be a great experience for her to spread her wings and also to make some really great, lasting friendships!! My son is in school and has friends so I am not so worried about him... but everyone could use more friends! Right!!!

Please message me with any and all information as it will be GREATLY appreciated! And I love that the groups offer things for the Moms too! I have been dying to make new friends! I am so glad that I heard from you guys! I am excited at the possiblities!
Hi there! I have a daughter who just turned 3 in Feb as well! I have four daughters 2 months-9 yrs old!! Where in Ocala do u live?
Wow 4! God bless you! lol. I actually live in Belleview, but Ocala and Belleview go hand in hand dont they?! Where are you located?

Taraneh Smith said:
Hi there! I have a daughter who just turned 3 in Feb as well! I have four daughters 2 months-9 yrs old!! Where in Ocala do u live?

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