So an Ocala elementary school teacher who was arrested for DUI last year was able to keep his job despite his NIGHTLY alcohol binges at local bars.   


After his initial arrest he was able to keep his job. He continued his binges and wreck-less drunk driving. He most recently violated his probation and is now back in jail. This is an ESE teacher and counselor at our local schools. 


Do you think the school board should screen their potential teachers better than they are? 

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Given the current state of Marion County's ESE program, it's clear to me that nobody cares who does what.
Did I just read this is an ESE teacher and counselor?  I am suddenly nauseated.  Yes I do think the school board needs to screen better.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to children THAT CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

I ended up taking my special needs child completely out of the Marion County School System due to their ignorant so called specialist! I strongly suggest that if your child is in this program, monitor, monitor, monitor what is going on! It really makes it hard when your child can't talk! Luckily for me, my child's behavior signaled something was very wrong. Now that he is out of there, he is almost back to himself again. It was a really bad situation for me.. I have no trust in this Marion County ESE program!

he should have never gotten his job back in the first place.
I'm sorry but it doesn't matter what they teach, they are just as responsible for their actions as our children are when in school--Please does anyone wonder what is wrong with our children???????
Our special needs children deserve better. I believe he should be fired.

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