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I am shopping around for a pediatric dentist for my girls, ages 6 & 8. We are fairly new to the area so we are not to familiar with the doctors. All feedback will  be helpful for a dentist in the vicinity of CR 200 & I75.


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Dr. Ron Rozanski is the best!  He is known as Dr. Ron.  His practice only deals with childen.  He is very sillly and makes the children comfortable.  All the girls in the office always remember my kids because the same ones have been there forever.  They don't force the kids to do anything (Some places will.)so my kids are never scared to go.


Go the extra miles to get to Dr. Ron!!  I almost cried when my boys hit 18 and were no longer "his."  He calls you at the end of the day if your child has had a procedure.  HE goes the extra mile to help children and their parents feel comfortable with a process that is sometimes frightening.  He is a fantastic and dedicated dentist.  I told him when my youngest was 18 that I would continue to recommend him anytime that I could do so.  Have I said enough to convince you?!!!

You will NOT be disappointed with Dr. Rozanski (Dr. Ron)...he is the premier guy in town...very down to earth and explains all things well...my three kids go to him...and they all LOVE him...closed on Friday, but ver accessable.  On surgery days (dental extraction, etc) he calls you at night to see if everything is okay...his office number is 352.732.6676.  His office is located about 5 miles from the landmarks you gave...go East on SR 200, turn right at the new Nissan dealership on the corner or 17th Street and go about 2-3 miles until you see the DUCK pond on the right and he is the NEXT right...about 2-3 buildings up on the right.  You will not be sorry...and your kids will Love you for it!

Dr. Rozanski! Don't go anywhere else!

doesn't he charge you upfront and then submits to insurance?? I think that blows a lot of people off. Some don't have the money to pay upfront like that.  And insurance can take forever to pay you back....

Dr. Ron's office started filing insurance some time ago, then if there's a balance after your insurance pays him the office will send you a bill.

that's awesome! i just called to see if i could get an apt for my son and they are closed until next monday :-( i was just going to take him to my dentist, i havn't heard great things about pollywog but have heard nothing but good about Dr. Ron :-) I wish they would tell you on their webiste what insurances they take. It would probably cut down on calls they get. :-) thanks for the info!

Wow! Am I grateful for all the feedback! Dr. Ron it is. I'll call him next week to schedule an appointment. I too haven't heard great things about Polliwog dental and had no idea Dr. Ron existed.

Love this site! I found Ocala Pediatrics because of the wonderful moms on this site too and have not been let down. It's great to know I can get info from the mommy's! Hopefully one day I'll be able to return the favor. Thank you again for the info!

Dr. Ron did take my son's insurance, I was really bummed because thats who I wanted him to see. I took him to my dentist, Dr. Wilkerson. They were really good with him and I was able to go back with him.

POLLYWOG Dental Group in Ocala, it's the best as far as my kids are concerned!

well i called dr. rons office but they will submit insurance as an out of network provider. So my insurance won't let me use them :-( i think that's wrong to do that when they are only one of two ped dentists here. I don't know of any insurance that will cover an out of network provider, but i guess there is some... few and far between...So i'm taking the chance and going to Pollywog, i am however, going back there with him every time.

You won't be sorry!

My kids love going to see the dentist there.

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