I have been looking for a pediatrician for my little one.  She will be born in a couple more weeks.  I have heard good things about Ocala Pediatrics, but I was hoping to meet with the pediatrician to make sure it will be a good match before choosing the doctor.  Ocala Pediatrics does not do this.  Any recommendations for a good pediatrian?  Anyone know if there are actual pediatricans that would meet with us so I can ask them questions before I make a decision?

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I definitely recommend Dr. Logas at Ocala Pediatrics. Dr. Harrell at Pediatric Associates of Ocala is also a doctor a lot of people like.


You could do your research, narrow it down to a couple, and then make appointments to interview them. I believe some of the most popular offices such as Ocala Pediatrics just doesn't have the time to let new parents interview them.

I also agree that Dr. Logus is a good choice! My son went through three other doctors in town and i disliked them all until I met Dr. Logus. The others were quick to diagnose an issue that i knew wasn't what they said it was. Dr. Logus was the only one that took the time to figure out what was wrong with my son. He's one of the best out there. Good luck in your search. And i agree with happymom, i think the reason they can't meet with you is because they are just so busy there. It's cold and flu time so the office is really busy this time of year.

My son goes to Dr. Morse at Ocala Ped., he is very good with him. I've seen a few of their dr.'s and they are all very good. There staff is very nice as well.

My kids go to Premier Pediatrics on SW 60th. Dr. Eunis & his staff are really gr8. They used to go to Dr. Hiremath in citrus springs & I really liked him as well, but we moved & he is just 2 far away now.

I do know that Dr. Pierre did this years ago and she still may.  I would call there.  She is wonderful and great with kids.  36-1001.

Dr. Harrell meets with people beforehand to make sure she is a good fit for you.

Thanks!!!  Going to do some more researching and narrow my choices down some more.  I have a list of doctors that I'm already interested in and who also accepts my insurance.  Most of your recommendations are on that list.  I hear a lot of good things about Ocala Peds, but I'm really not wanting to choose a doctor without meeting him or her.  I don't want to get into a situation where I have to change a doctor because they aren't a good match.  I can understand their busy schedule though. Thanks again!!! 

Check with Marion Pediatrics. Dr Pierre has been great. I was with Ocala Pediatrics for 2 yrs--then the second I owed them a co-pay while I was out of work they dropped me. When my son had a fever of 104 I had called for him to be seen and told them I had the copay plus the copay for the new visit and they refused. Dr, Kerns from there was awesome but their office staff in inadequate. The other thing was that I was supposed to be getting a well visit at no copay once a year--I didnt know this until I switched to Dr Pierre and I was told then. Dr. Pierre's office has seen my son quickly when he was sick and has been very good. I highly recommend Dr. Pierre. Her office is over near College Park Elementary.

UPDATE:  So the day after I posted this question, I went for my weekly appt to my OB, scheduled a meet and greet with Dr. Harrell for Wednesday, the 14th, and then my OB decided that they needed to induce me that same Friday.  So I didn't get a chance to meet with Dr. Harrell before baby was born.  My little Chastity Grace was born Saturday night at 11:43 pm.  She's so tiny!!  She weighed 4lbs, 11oz.  I decided to stick with Dr. Harrell and saw her yesterday for Chastity's first appt.  I really liked her and the office staff was awesome.  I felt really welcome and reassured that I can call them as much as I need to for any help or questions that I may have. Thank you guys for all of your recommendations!!!


Congrats on your new little girl, she is so cute! I am glad we were able to help you!

She is adorable and I am glad Dr. Harrell worked for you. SHe is really great and will take wonderful care of your daughter.


Dr.Harrell or Dr. Kraut at Pediatric Associates. My OB, Dr. Marquette recommended them as the doctors he takes his kids to. We've been very happy there.

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