Hello, I'm new and I've joined because I need honest opinions on preschools.  I have a 3 year old daughter and she recently started a preschool on Monday.  She does not like it at all, and I'm already having issues with the staff (not taking care of my child's complaints of being hit, told I have so many days to get paper work in and giving me a final notice on my child's 3rd day, claiming I can call to help my daughter adjust and then not answering or even calling me back when I leave a message).

She is my only child and this is both a new experience for both of us and needless to say we are both unhappy at this point.  I am currently looking for work so I need to find a preschool for her, but at the same time I won't allow her to be this unhappy or myself to be lied to.

I would very much appreciate anyone who can help me. I live in the SW area, close to Airport Rd and SR 200 and would like to stay in this general area, but I am also open to other areas as long as its not too far away as gas prices are ridiculous.  Even home daycares are an option. I just want an honest, kind and fun environment for my child.

Thanks so much in advance for any help you guys can give me. :-)

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http://dcfsanswrite.state.fl.us/Childcare/provider/   will show you all the daycares/preschools regulated by the State and will show you their inspection history. Don't know if this helps or not...
Well the ones I know are great are St. Pauls, Grace Building Blocks, Angels In Arms, Happy Hearts and Kinderoo. I have also heard great things about Capstone and Redeemer Christian. You could also try Montessori. I am also curious what preschool your daughter is attending now. They sound terrible.
Have you tried Kinderoo? It's on the SW side by the airport.  I have only heard GREAT things about them.  Good luck!

I have my daughter enrolled at Kinderoo and have heard great things about this place...

L4mykids said:

Have you tried Kinderoo? It's on the SW side by the airport.  I have only heard GREAT things about them.  Good luck!
I have looked at Kinderoo and I've been placed on the waiting list, this was before I enrolled her in her current Preschool.  Thanks to everyone who's offered their opinion and I would love to hear more.
Family Ties off of Hwy 40 and Airport Rd. My son goes there, We LOVE it!! My older kids went here also when they were preschool age. Thier # is 854-3998
It's not really the SW side but if you're looking for work and a great pre-school, you could try The Villages.  There are a ton of on-property companies (as well as The Villages itself) that qualify for the Charter Schools.  Plus the K3, K4 and K-12 schools are wonderful!  My son attended K4 last year and will be attending kindergarten this year.   Good luck in your search!!
I was going to say Kinderoo too. :) Hopefully you can get in soon! That is where my son attended pre-k and it was great

My daughter is 4 1/2 going into VPK at Creative Kids. She was in the 3 year old class from August of 2010 until next week when she start's VPK. Her teacher Miss Melissa is awesome with the kids, the other 3 year old teacher Miss Peaches is excellent with the kids too. My daughter loves both the teachers and they are great with the kids. My 16 month old goes there too and he adores his teachers. U can PM if u want more info. If you say i referred you i get credit for a referral towards a discount also. :-) It's behind CF by Too Ur Health Spa it's called Creative Kids.


They also participate in the food program with the state so they provide breakfast, lunch and snacks. Many day cares require you to pack your child's lunch, this place doesn't it's included in the cost of your weekly payment.

Happy Hearts does still have available spots.  If you are still interested call Kim Tesch at 622-7636. 



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