My son had his surgery yesterday and I have to share... I loved the staff at the Children's surgical center at Shands. They were amazing. They made us feel comfortable, helped explain things every step of the way and made sure we understood everything that was going on. My son had a very hard waking up experience and I was so not prepared for what he was doing when he was coming out from under anesthesia. The nurse sat down and explained to me exactly what was going on and why he was reacting that way. It was comforting to know that someone knew what was going on. :) 

Oh and when we got home and I checked his discharge papers to my surprise I found a note signed by all the staff in the center. ;) It was thanking us for letting them help us. It was a nice way to end that experience. 

Have you ever had to use that center? What were your thoughts? 

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Shands pediatrics is excellent. My daughter had to spend a week there. They were great.

I agree with you Jen, a million times over!!! Our son had surgery there August of last year, from Dr. Larson, for a very very big hydrocele. I was a wreck, and when I say a wreck, I mean it took them and my husband to get him out of my arms. He is my 2nd child, but our daughter is a daddys girl, and he is my boy. They were awesome, Dr. Larson was awesome, I would recommend them and that surgical center to any one any day. If my son or daughter ever needs surgery again, heaven forbid, I will definitely be going back there. 

The staff is equally trained to deal with the children and the parents a like. I am so glad you had a good experience there and that your little one came through his surgery just fine :)  

We were there just last month for my son's surgery. They were amazing! Everyone there is very understanding, helpful and comforting :)

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