The governor and other officials are working on improving the security at the schools but noone really knows what to do. It could cost $100 million on top of what the state spends for resource officers. Gov. Scott is going to be unveiling his budget in the next few weeks but refuses to state any number until he has heard from others. 

What do you think should be done? DO you have ideas that could help our children stay safer and feel safer when they hit their schools each day?


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I'm going to go out on a limb here but from some of the other posts i have read from you regarding this subject it could be posible that your child is feeding off of your own fear. She may have heard you talking about not feeling safe and letting them go to school and that you fear something is going to happen to them. You have said on here several times that you do not feel like your kids are safe at school so I would guess you have made this statement at home. The more she hears you and others that she is close to make these statements the more she is going to react the way she is.

My kids are not scared to go to school not because I hide things from them but rather because I let them know that the schools have security at them and whatnot. I let them know that something could happen anywhere we go but that we can not live and fear and allow it to dictate what we do with our daily lives. If I were to tell my kids or if they overheard my conversation with someone about being scared to send them to school then yes, they are going to be scaared to go.

Now as for the rest of this yes, some schools need more security my thinking is have armed officers or have access for teachers that have been trained to have axccess butmost people don't agree with that statement.

Blessed Mom said:

I don't know what to do. I have a child who has nightmares and won't go to school unless she is physically placed into the car and walked into the office. Her teacher feels she has anxiety. She told her teacher this moring that someone is going to jump the fence and get into her classroom. We have to do something not only to increase security, but to make sure our children feel safe.

I agree with having more security at schools. I just wonder where all the money will come from.  What will have to be cut?  The president said he would like to see our streets better patrolled as well. Again, what about the money?

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