Anybody signing their little ones up for t-ball?  My 4 year old son would like to start up and my hubby is looking to possibly help coach.  Any suggestions on the best place to sign up?  I see that they have it through the county (jervey gantt) and at the YMCA.  Is one any better that the other or maybe a different place?


Thanks! :)

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I don't think YMCA does t ball anymore. My friend said she called them about it and they said they are not doing t-ball anymore.
Just saw tonight in the latest issue of Family Times that the Y is doing tee-ball. Signups are from Feb 26-March 25 and the season runs from March 29-June 4. Our son has done summer camp at the Y and played basketball there, but never tee-ball. When we moved here in 09 we got started with Mighty Mite tee-ball through Jervey Gantt and it's been a great experience. He's done 3 seasons with the same coaches and pretty much the same team and he's signed up for this season too. You can register now through the parks department website. I don't know how the Y does it but with Mighty Mites they encourage the kids to try and hit the ball on pitches and only bring out the tee after several tries.
When my son was 4 we signed him up through the county......Mighty Mights (He wanted to play). It was the first sport he participated in.  It was only $40, so if it didn't work out, we were comfortable with losing only $40.  The coaches were great but my son wasn't interested at all!  He was only excited for the first few practices and games.  He was very bored.  He never paid attention.  Your son may love it though!  Good luck!  Hope he enjoys it!
My older son played there when he was little & we loved it!  He played until he was too old.  The parents were all very nice & not like some of the "over competitive" sports parents we have come across in other sports. lol  I do agree w/ Carrie about the boredom thing.  My son would play in the dirt when his team was in the field.  He always wanted to go back though. :)
My daughter played t-ball at Jervey. Great experience. She is now in her first year of Softball at Shockers. I would recommend Jervey. The YMCA will charge you an extra fee if you are not a member there and they are expensive already. Good luck!

We've played 3 seasons at Jervey Gantt and loved it. I coached all 3 seasons and have had a great time.Sometimes it is a little disorganized, but that is to be expected anywhere.



Thanks for the replies!  I just signed him up online for the one through Jervey Gantt.  You would not believe how excited he is for practice to start! :)

I signed my son up for soccer at 4 because he BEGGED me!  We paid almost $75, bought the uniform and required shin guards.  First practice came and he was thrilled!  As soon as we get there...nothing!  He would have NO part of it.  He just stood on the sidelines and refused to go on the field or anywhere near the ball!  It was hilarious!  Now, though, he does play in soccer in the Buffalo Adventures at school (of course because that's only $45). :)


Good luck!  I hope your son loves it!

Hello! I was just wondering where you signed up for T-ball online? I have had no luck with finding it. Thanks for any help you can give me.

C*Bean said:
Thanks for the replies!  I just signed him up online for the one through Jervey Gantt.  You would not believe how excited he is for practice to start! :)

Here's the link

There's a pink button in the middle that says "Online Registration."


I signed my son up for Mighty-Mites T-ball, does anyone know when the first practice is or what the next step is? This is the first time we sign-up and I did it online so I don't know anything.

The coach should be contacting you sometime in the next week or so to set up a date and time for the first practice - each team is different. My son's team has always practiced on Tuesday nights. Tee-ball is supposed to start with games the first Saturday in March. Depending on the number of teams, games will be played at 9am, 10am or 11am. You should get a schedule of your whole season's Saturday times at your first practice.


And just so you know if you are new, there are no "outs" in tee-ball. An inning consists of every kid on each team getting up to bat once. There are usually two innings in the hour long game - sometimes things move faster and depending on your coaches you might get to go another inning.



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