Afternoon all! :) I have a question for you all! 

I have 2 children at a preschool and with next week being Teacher Appreciation day I am not sure if I should do something or not, and then what do I do? 

My son has one main teacher, but my daughter is in a room where if it goes over ratio they put her up in another classroom, which is fine, she loves it, but how do I handle that, where she may interact with 3 different teachers that week? 

I do not want to spend a fortune, but I think doing something nice for the teachers would be awesome. 

So any ideas you all could give me would be AWESOME!!!!! 

Thanks a bunches! 

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i do this at my son's daycare. he has two main teachers in his class, and they usually get a little something from him for each holiday and teachers day etc.. a pretty poem is nice, or something handmade that they worked on i'm sure would be appreciated more then a store bought item :-)

as far as the 3 teachers go, if you do homemade stuff then you can make something for all and just use different colors for each, store bought things maybe buy the main teacher something and then a small box of candy  or flowers for the others.

Hello,  I was a preschool teacher for years and one of my favorite gifts that I received by a child was a plastic apple with the child's picture on it with the child's name and year.  I received it about about 20 years ago and still have it.  Also maybe a home made frame with your child's hand print or pic with their name and year (you can use popsicle sticks or puzzle pieces ( painted) then glue a magnet or clip behind it.  very cheap but very personal and special. hope these ideas help.

I agree with Row's Mommy... A little something for all of them is nice. Like Maggie said, homemade gifts mean more to most people than a store bought one ;) You could have your kiddos make beautiful cards and add pictures of them or make a frame. You can get picture frames at Michaels' or Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap and have them paint them? My son also had a couple different teachers in pre-k but had one main one. We got them a little something for all of them :) 

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