"Teen Mom" Is Ending... Are you upset or excited to see it go?

The reality show "Teen Mom" is ending with it's fourth season says MTV. Many believe this will not be the last you hear from the teen moms. I never watched it much myself but I did see an episode here and there. Some though were addicted to it and sad to see it go. Do you think this really had a positive impact on teens and pregnancy or do you think it was dramatizing and promoting it? Are you sad to see it go or do you say farewell with good riddance?


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i watched it every week. But... i have to say the newness of it is fading and i really didn't find myself rushing ot the tv at night to catch it on like i used too so i'm not sad to see it go. Something just get old after awhile.. I will say that i don't think it in any way glamoized teen pregnancy.. while watching the show i would find myself either shaking my head or yelling at the tv. These girls had children WAY too young and in most of them you could see that was very obvious! I.e... janelle, amber etc...They all had issues with their childrens fathers.. and it was just sad.. all they had to do was use birth control.. the proper way. It was good while it lasted but i'm kinda glad it's ending... way too much drama to watch right before bed haha

It should be cancelled.  Glorifying teen pregnancy is never a good thing, and yes, this show does just that. There are teens across the country that have actually gotten pregnant to try to get on the show. Most reality TV should be taken off the air anyway.  How anyone watches these shows is beyond me.

Well I would first like to mention that I read ever since the show came out statistics have shown that teen pregnancy has gone down! I love the show and it does make me sad to see it go.

I personally don't like to watch it, I have watched it & some of the moms make me so mad!

I love the show!!! Yes i will be sad to see it go,and i do not think it promotes teen pregnancy. I think a show like this opens the ways of communications for parents of teenagers, this show is the perfect excuse to speak to your kid and be open about sex and all of its consequences. I wish i would have had something like this when i was a teenager, it would have educated me and kept me from doing a lot of the stupid things i did! 

I've watched it & like mommyof2 I get so mad & think, WOW, the camera guy really should get that baby off the counter, or something similiar. lol I don't know weather it made a difference one way or another w/ teen pregnancy but think it probably didn't help the teen moms with dealing with their problems.  It seems like being "celebrities" caused a lot of them more problems than if they just lived regular lives. I'm sorry for the people who liked the show but it's probably best for the people who are actually living it.

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