Teen Sues Iceland So She Can Use Her Name She Was Given...

In Iceland it appears you have to name your baby a name that is on the list of names approved by the government. If you deviate from the list you have to have a special committee approve the it before naming your child. One mom didn't know it wasn't on the list when she had her child baptized by the priest. He then told her he mistakenly allowed it and she would have to use something different. The teen is now fighting to use the name her mother gave her. 

The country says it has the list to keep children from being embarrassed when they are older. One artist tried to change his name later on and was denied. He says he understands it to keep from naming your child something off the wall but he feels adults should be able to change it to what they want... What do you think?


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Ugh, parents should have the right to name their child whatever they wish. I understand what they are getting at with the protecting children from possible bullying later but its also up to the parents to instill good behaviors in their children. I think every child is beautiful no matter the name its your actions that make you ugly. I commend this teen for having the courage to take this matter to court, she obviously likes the name her mother gave her and thats awesome.

I think its a lovly name and that she should be able to use it. It is a different country so they have their own laws. However,in this country DCF takes your kid away if you name them Adolf. (actully happened in jersey I believe) Or says you can't use sign language to spell out your name if its Hunter.

Some names that parents use are so off the wall that it really affects the child when they grown up. These are just a few examples of what I have seen parents use. One child was named Lemonjello and the other was Oranjello. One girl had the name of La-sha, pronounced Ladasha. Parents have the right to name their children anything thing they want but they need to consider how it's going to affect them as adults looking for jobs.

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