I can't believe it's 7 days until Christmas!! I still have  some grocery and gift shopping to do but I'm close to done lol. What about you? Are you all done and  just waiting for the big day? Who do you find is the  hardest to buy for on your list?

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I have one left to get and then i'm done :-) i have grocery shopping to do this weekend and that's it. I am waiting for the big day AFTER :-) going up north to see snow, 3rd time for me, 1st for my son. My husband is from New York so snow means nothing to him hahaha. But i can't wait! :-)  As far as who was the hardest to buy for .. that would be my niece hands down. She's 17 but didn't give much of a list so i had to play a guessing game. Other than that it was easy :-) My son on the other hand was the easiest. I actually started buying in september and i had hidden things all over the house so he wouldn't see them. Problem was.. i forgot that i bought stuff and would just buy more... imagine my surprise a week or two ago when i started finding bags of stuff underneath stuff and it occurred to me, oh great... i over bought! So now that boy is going to have a tree full of stuff, and two huge things that won't fit under it. But i guess it's ok, it's only once a year. But next year.. i'll be sure to write down what i'm buying along the way!

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