It's Memorial Day and the day we've all been waiting for!  The pools are open! Here's a list of all the area pools, with hours, locations, costs....  Don't forget the sunscreen!


Cool pools to quench those hot summer days


Which is your favorite place to cool off? 

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OOOO I'm glad to hear this, hopefully I will be able to get the kids down there in the next week or so!
Me too!  We went swimming today and that kiddo went for four hours! Whew he wore me out. So glad the pools are open and we are ready! :)
My son took his little sister to the pool by Jervey Gant Park yesterday and he said it was closed to the public because someone rented it out for the entire day. They shouldn't allow this on a weekend. It's fine to have birthday parties or whatever, but not for the entire day.

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