Thoughts on Medicaid / Food Stamp Recipients Getting Drug Screening

I heard on the news recently that they are thinking about passing a law where anyone applying for assitance, food stamps, medicaid, etc., will have to pass a drug screening first.  I think this is a fantastic idea that should save us tax payers a ton of money.  I know for a fact my ex-husband and his current wife are scamming the system... they have Medicaid for the whole family and who knows what else but he owns his own business, has two houses, two newer vehicles and much more.  AND he was just arrested for crack cocaine.  Why should we have to pay for him and the other dead beats scamming the system so they can spend more money on drugs?  What are your thoughts?  Anyone know when this will go into affect?  Hopefully they require testing of all adults applying for assistance.

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I think the sooner the better. Since most people who work have to pass a drug test in order to obtain that employment, why should all the deadbeats just get handed free health insurance and public assistance and not have to answer to the system for their actions. This should be implemented on the national level, and not only in the State of Florida. God Bless Rick Scott for campaigning on this platform ... it has been much too long that these freeloaders have been getting the handout to spend on their illegal habits.
That is a perfect idea. Those getting assistance should prove to those providing the assistance that they are using the aid to truly help themselves and their family. If they get food stamps and use it to buy drugs or booze then the aid should be removed. We are all paying high prices for health insurance, medication, food and rent why should others get a free ride without giving something back. I also feel that a single mother who gets pregnant a third time and does not provide the name of the father should be penalized. The first child could have been an accident or assault. Depending the age of the mother the second child could also be failure to use protection properly, the third and more children will start to cost. Some people just have babies to get more out of the system. My daughter knew a girl who was 22 and had 5 children from 3 different men. People need to take responsibility for their actions.
I think they should have been doing this along time ago. I also think it should be mandatory for people to look for jobs while on the system. If they would drug test and make people look for work we would not have to hand out to people so much. Proof of job search should also be checked on.
It's about time and i think they should put a limit as to how long you can collect.  My sister in law works for walmart & she says the abuse is terrible. One family member will check out with foodstamp  card, hand it to the next person in line and so on. There is nothing they can do about it. My husband was approached by a man at walmart trying to sell his food stamp card for cash. I cannot wait for the day they start this.

I am on the fence about this one.  I do agree that if someone has money to buy drugs then they have no business getting food stamps/government assistance etc etc.  That being said how cost effective is it going to be to drug test all these people.  We will be spending MORE money as far as that goes and as always people will figure out a way to skirt the drug test. 


I think it's a good idea, but I'm not sure where the money to start drug testing everyone is going to come from.  Do you think those applying for assistance should have to pay for the drug test?  Do you think the government should pay for it instead?

I feel it is a great idea to drug test the recipients if any kind of tax payer help. I think that the entire family should be tested not only the person who is "head of household". If there are school aged children they should be passing all subjects, and attending school everyday. Also the family should have to do community service to pay for the drug testing and give back to the community.
I am also on the fence about it. I think they will find ways around it and I worry that parents will neglect their children because they do drugs. The children will not receive proper medical care and nutrition. I know some people will say that those parents already neglect their children, but that's not always true.
It's about time!
I receive Social Security Disability and Medicare. Every so many years I have to have an evaluation done by one of my physicians and send it to Social Security so that I can continue receiving disability benefits. I have MS and it is not noticable, if I have to prove my disability then those receiving Medicaid and assistance need to prove that they are doing their best to keep clean of drugs and they are trying to find jobs to get off of assistance.
I'm all 4 this!!! What a great idea :-)
What about the families/parents that are working & still qualify to receive benefits, should they have to be drug tested too? I work and my kids receive medicaid. My job doesn't offer health insurance so the only way my kids would be able to see a doctor is because we qualify for medicaid.  If I tried to get individual health coverage for them it would take my entire paycheck just to pay for the insurance.  I think for the people who sit for years receiving benefits and are not even trying to find work then definitely this would be a good idea.  I just think it would be kind of unfair for the families that aren't trying to get over on the system to be penalized or have to come up with the money for drug tests or have to do community service.  Also if people receive cash assistance they do have to work register at the One Stop and show that they are looking for work in order to keep receiving the assistance and if they aren't then the state will terminate their benefits, which I think is absolutely correct.  There is also a limit for which families can receive cash assistance, I believe it's 48 months total.  There are plenty of families, especially in this economy, that have been paying into the system for years and now that they've lost their jobs, homes, etc. they have to turn to the state for assistance & then are looked down on as if they are trying to "milk" the system, when that's not the case.  To put these families through further humiliation & scrutiny is just wrong IMO, but I completely agree that the people who have child after child and have never/will never look for employment then most definitely they should be drug tested, show proof, etc. I think many times it would be pretty easy to tell who those people are, just look at their job history and public assistance history and the state can see who's milking the system and who is just needing a helping hand until they can get back on their feet. 

I completely agree with this!  In my opinion, if the recipients have nothing to hide, then they will have absolutely no problem taking a drug test.

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