Toddler's Cuss Word On Modern Family Sitcom is Drawing Criticism

Some people are upset about the episode airing soon that has the 2-year old toddler saying the F-Bomb in the show. It will be bleeped out and the little girl playing the character will be saying "fudge" during taping. How do you feel about this? Do you think it is something that every parent goes through and a show sharing how parents approach is acceptable?

It surprises me that the leader of the group against this is only 18. You would think it would be someone older but I am very proud of this young adult standing up for what they believe.

Has your little one let a word slip that you wish they didn't know? How did you handle it?

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Its actually Modern Family not Family Guy. 

I think its a realistic representation of what happens in the modern family.  If parents cuss around their kids they should not be surprised to hear it out of the mouth of their 2 year old.  If this show's commentary and the episode makes people stop and think about their behavior at home then it is having a positive impact on families. 

My grandson starting singing a song that had the word bitc* about a dozen times in it. I just blew up. My step son would play any song in his car without thinking about who was in it with him, so my grandson learned a very colorful language. I told my grandson if he wanted to ride in grandma's car he would stop using such a word and that is was offensive. My grandson was 6 when he blurted the word. TV programs let their actors use whatever language the writers put in without considering the audience that is watching, some adults don't like using those words and do not want to hear them either.

I wanted to ad my understanding of the episode is that the storyline is about how people respond to a 2 year old using a cuss word - they are bleeping it out and the actress is not even saying the word in real life. The title of the episode is "Little Bo Bleep". It isn't cussing for the sake of cussing.  Think about the boy on Christmas story who says fudge on the side of the road and comments on how bad it was - this is a similar story except from the parents view. 

I think the 18 year old protesting doesn't get that this is actually an episode that supports their anti cussing belief. 

I think its a nonstory. Yes children repeat things adults or other children in their lives say. As an educator you would not believe the language students bring to school.

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