Has anyone been to this one? I know about the other one for Blessed Trinity on 17th. But i can't find any info, pic's etc on this other one over by the mall. My son is almost 4. Do they have a lot for kids his age to do?? I just don't want to go across town for one booth and one kiddie ride. I heard the other one is geared more for little kids, but this one is at the high school. So that makes me think it's more for older kids... any ideas?

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I was wondering the same thing - I saw the ad for it in the Events section of the newspaper yesterday and we were thinking about checking it out this weekend. I'd say I'll let you know tomorrow after we go but then that would leave you only one day to go! :/

Yeah we were going to go in the morning tomorrow right when they open to try to beat the crowd :) i guess we'll have to just go and see haha

Let us know what you find out. :) We haven't been to any of them but hopefully we will :)

Row's~mommy said:

Yeah we were going to go in the morning tomorrow right when they open to try to beat the crowd :) i guess we'll have to just go and see haha
we just left there. It was neat. Row had a great time. We dropped $60 bucks within an hour though and i only brought that much in cash thinking we wouldnt even use that much. Tickets are $1 a piece and u need 3 or 4 for each ride. My hubby had to go on most with row since he was nervous about riding alone. So that was pretty much $6 or $8 bucks a ride. They have armbands for $30 but i thought u could only get them at night. It wasnt until i have to buy the last round of tickets that i found out i could have bought him one. The food was pricy... but. If u have the $$ to spend i say go for it :)

we took our 3 year old on Thursday night.  All of us (me, hubby and daughter) got arm bands for $25 each after checking that she could do some rides (and we both went on some of them with her)....she went into the house of mirrors, there's a huge curving slide, the other funky house, a train ride just for their size, the dinasour ride, the tea cup ride (kinda like the one at disney), the carousel, another ride that I can't remember right now, and the ferris wheel guy would have let us take her on there, but by that time she was ready to get some cotton candy and go home :-)....Food is pricy, but it's a good carnival/fair experience :-)

Yeah im glad they kept the kiddie rides all together in a row :) booth guys were kinda pushy and fast talking but thats at all of them. I miss our county fair that came every year. I was thinking of calling city hall to see who i would send a suggestion on that too. The fair was huge. Not like these smaller carnivals :( but i'm glad we went. Brought back a lot of teen memories :) cant wait for blessed trinitys in the fall :)
So glad that you had a good time at the carnival. This carnival comes to Trinity every February and continues to grow every year. Watch for pre-sale VIP tickets prior to the opening night. You can purchase these tickets for $20 and they can be used as an armband any one day of the carnival. The face painting was a great addition this year.

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