Ok, so i've lived in this city my whole life, born and raised as were my parents. However, our current lease is up in March and since our son is almost 4 we wanted to find somewhere that had land. Right now we live on a busy street, GREAT neighborhood though, just not enough yard for him, or me for that matter haha. I've never had a problem looking for a place. We would drive down the road and boom, there would be a for rent sign. I should add that i've lived in the same neighborhood for 15 years, our current home for over 6. So that is probably the problem, i've never HAD to look anywhere else. But now, I can't seem to find anywhere that has land. We are looking at the Micanopy/Macintosh area. My husband works in Gainesville, I on SR 200. So we figured that would be a good median. And we both wouldn't have to drive far. Plus, i want to be out of the city, but not in another, i like my peace and quiet and would like to like to live somewhere....not congested :-) I've done countless on-line searches and only two places come up, i'm assuming it's because that area is so small. If I were to contact a realtor, would they charge for that? I would think they would be the best ones to help find a place... We don't want to buy because with his career, he could go anywhere and we want to keep that option open without having to be tied to a house that we'd have to try to sell if we left to another state. Does anyone have any ideas? I have no idea why I can't figure it out, i think i'm still car lagged from a LONG trip haha. Thanks for any suggestions :-)

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I would talk to a realtor, they generally charge the owner of the property for doing all the leg work and whatnot so you shouldn't have to worry about a fee. At most they generally do charge for a background and credit check if the owner wants one.

A realtor should be able to help with a rental. I do not know how commission etc would work, in that case, tho'. Good luck-

Realtors are almost always paid by the Seller or Landlord.  Rarely does one charge a renter or buyer. 

Yep a realtor is your best bet :) They can do searches on criteria for you and in property management they get a fee sometimes on the rent that is charged but that's not from you that's from the owner :) Good luck because we are in the same position. Our lease is up the end of January and we are trying to decide what to do but do not want to buy either. Hopefully we will all find something soon :)

Have you thought about the Williston or Morriston area?  Just a thought.

Thanks everyone! :-) I am thinking of branching out to other spots like Anthony, and anything else in between here and gainesville :-) So maybe that will give more of a selection.

You can go online to Trulia.com  , realtor.com or zillow.com  and search also. Just be sure to mark  rentals or what ever word they use. Some homes for sale maybe available for rental and some rentals are listed. You can message a realtor from most sites if you find something interesting. I think they all let you put in search parameters ie zip  codes or town locations.

I like using this site too... http://www.ocalaluxuryhomes.com/ I have an agent that was helping us last year too if you would like one to talk with. :) This site you input the specifics you are looking for and you can choose the cities too. Good luck!

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