This mom had a baby at home and didn't know she was pregnant. She gave birth to a 5lb baby boy in her bathroom while home alone. She said she had no symtpoms. I have seen shows about this before and thought how did they not know? I know they share their symptoms or lack of but it just amazes me that they don't know. I could tell when my son had the hiccups.. What are your thoughts? Do you think people can truly not know something is up? Have you watched that show before?


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I have seen the show before and I also know someone who supposedly didn't know she was pregnant....twice!  People around her could not tell either.  Not sure how it happens and there was no way in the world I wouldn't have known I was pregnant.....based on my experience.  I suppose it is not impossible though.....just hard to believe.

I saw this yesterday.  Still shaking my head.


Being in the medical field, I do not understand this at all! I knew pretty early with both. I just.....well I don't even know, just crazy to not know or ignore the symptoms for 9 months!

I have watched this show many times and most of the time I sit shaking my head thinking the women are IDIOTS.


There have been a couple of episodes that I did understand.  One in particular the woman had been told she COULD NOT get pregnant.  She was a large lady and didnt gain ANYTHING while she was pregnant.  She had a medical condition that typically causes infertility.  Her periods were always irregular.  She actually did take a home test and go to the doctor and both said she was not pregnant.  Just said her issues were part of her medical condition (polycystic ovarian syndrome pcos). 


More often than not though I find myself thinking HOW STUPID these women are.



i think this is bunch of hog wash. I am a large person, and i have PCOS and we struggled and i mean struggled with infertility for years. And i tell you, there's no way i could have NOT known i was pregnant when it finally happened.  you don't notice your pants getting a little tighter? or the massive amount of pressure on your bladder making you have to go all the time? the little bumps and pokes? i have a really really hard time believing that you wouldn't know your pg. I mean.. it's a foreign object, a growth in your body.. how can you not notice something funky going on in there?? just weird to me...
To an extent, yes....but I can not for the life understand how you can go to full term without knowing. After my first daughter was born (3rd child), I was breastfeeding, had gotten an IUD, never had the full return of my cycle but was spotting fairly regularly (again breastfeeding so this didnt cause alarm). I've always loved my food lol so I was eating good because of the extra calories I was burning during breastfeeding but I was gaining a steady amount of weight which of course wasn't making me too happy :P I started having "feelings", like those flutters and just a feeling of knowing something was going on and, of course, freaked out. Sent my husband out to the store one night because I was in full blown panic mode and wanted to test for pregnancy...the test came back negative. I made him go out again for a different brand...still negative. He's thinking I'm nuts, I'm thinking somethings not right so I try to just convince myself it's "gas" or something like that. For about a month I kept trying to convince myself it was just indigestion, or maybe a side effect from the IUD then said screw it "something" is wrong and made an appointment with my dr. Turns out I was almost at the end of my 2nd trimester....go figure. Now I'm normally a size 4/6...I did have to move up to my loose size 6 (I call them my period jeans lol) and buy a few in a size 8 but I've always carried on the small side. Even at full term I don't look pregnant, I just look fat lol. And I dismissed the weight gain to the fact that I was eating pretty darn good lol. I didn't have morning sickness, the lack of a normal period was easily dismissed because of breastfeeding. Sooo, long story short, yes I can see how you may miss a pregnancy in the beginning months...but I do not understand how can actually make it to full term without "knowing" in some way.

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