Ok so I'm curious.. What do people wear to work anymore? I went shopping Saturday to find some olive or navy pants and couldn't find anything but skinny jeans, zippered pants and such. LOL I went to two different places and the story was about the same. 

Where do you go shopping when you need business casual type clothes? 

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I have found the most luck at Kohl's for work clothes.

My daughter also shops at Kohl's, she is petite and works at a bank so she can only find clothes that fit her at Kohl's. Try the new Burlington Coat factory, they have some nice business attire and I also found some nice business type clothing at Steinmart in the Walmart Plaza on Easy Street. I have trouble finding clothing suitable for adults that need to attend semi formal events. I needed an outfit for an after 5 event that was semi formal, I went to the store and asked for woman's attire, I was pointed to an aisle that had Barbie sized dresses. It seems that stores have stopped producing size 10, it's either a 4 or a 14.

Thanks guys. I actually went to Kohl's and couldn't find what I was looking for either. I do love Kohl's though. It's a great store. I used to shop at Old Navy too but lately it seems like they don't have my type of clothing either. I guess my style is changing much more than I thought or I'm just back in the 90's, early 2000's  with my fashion likes and need to upgrade ;-) 

I always have good luck at Macy's :) and if you get their coupons on the weekends its really great prices for quality clothing that will last. Dillards should have their 50% clearance sale coming soon that's the only time I ever shop there but I love their clothes wish I could tell you when that sale is :)

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