Would you want the 10 Commandments displayed at your child's school?

A school board in Virginia recently voted to display the 10 Commandments at area schools. Many parents complained, and the displays were removed. Then some schools put them back.

Is it wrong to display the 10 Commandments at a public school? Or is this much ado about nothing?  

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I don't know about the 10 Commandments necessarily, however I do think the fundamentals of humanity should be covered. Hurting others is not right, treat others as you wish to be treated..etc. It seems too many children these days are NOT learning these values at home. Maybe if the basics are taught in schools, the children that don't hear that at home will still get the message.
Heck no! Not everyone is Christian. Although that is hard for christians to beleive.
I feel it is ok to post them. I do not go to church every sunday, however if our children read the 10 commandments more often maybe they would learn how others should be treated. I am a true believer in treat others as you wish to be treated. I think there would be less bullying in our schools.

I dont see anything wrong with it I think it would be a great thing to do. Yes I am a christan and yes I go to church with my family. So although everyone may not be a christian does not mean that the 10 Commandments should not be displayed. The 10 Commandments cover things that if taught to children could help make the world a better place. All we hear now days is bullying leading children to commit suicide, murder, stealing. We just had a post up about all the crime going on in Ocala and how worried we are as mothers. I am not saying that displaying the 10 Commandments  is gonna make every person out there do the right thing but I see no harm in doing so. It could only be beneficial to our children if anything. I dont see how reading honor your mother and father, and shall not murder just to name a few are going to drive our kids insane. I mean seriously?? So unless someone else has some lightbulb going off in their head about how to get the message across to our kids on how to treat one another.... what is the harm in displaying the 10 Commandments until than? Everyone wants to complain about how bad the world is becoming but when something like the 10 Commandments is displayed everyone complains about that. You cant seem to win with America sometimes and thats the reason we are where we are right now. Biting our fingernails and worried about our kids 24/7. The 10 Commandments should be the least of anyones worries.

I don't feel it's wrong to display the 10 commandments. Maybe if we start teaching these children "thou shall not kill" we would have fewer children killing each other. I don't understand what's wrong with it. Even if you don't agree it;s not like the signs are displaying sex acts. It's STILL displaying what we as human's should and should not do. We should obey and respect others, we shouldn't kill, we should live righteous etc...what is wrong with our children reading this every now and then. My kids are not influenced by what others say or what is read. They respect everyone's choice of worship and beliefs and we have a strong connection with our kids and our faith values. What the school does is there business and we abide for the most part. I don't fear my children learning, knowing, and understanding diversity. There are differences in this world. Face it. Learn about it. I just don't understand anymore.  

BHall said:
Heck no! Not everyone is Christian. Although that is hard for christians to beleive.
It's not that Christian's have a hard time believing not everyone is Christian. I'm assuming that since you are mocking Christians, that is not your choice of worship but I'm almost believing you do follow a religion and with that being said you are not showing signs of being righteous. Righteousness is stated in every donomination of worship. 
At some point we need to accept diversity and difference. If you have a strong impact on your children's life, then what they are learning (Or reading) as far as religion goes shouldn't affect or sway them in school.
Now don't get me wrong. I understand their should be neutral zones. BUT if it's NOT being taught and it's just displayed, the children who do not practice that particular religion will view it simply as a poster with writing and may benefit by the positiveness of it if anything.
Going by that logic, than it should not be a problem to have those said ten commandments displayed right next to the Buddhist Precepts, Hinduism Disciplines, the Wiccan Rede, verses of the Quran, etc. etc. ....since it's all about the message and not Christianity.  You can say it isn't about the religion and just about the message, but then why use the commandments of only one religious group rather than simple positive reinforcement in a non-denominational message?
I love the 10 Commandments!  Regardless of their religious origin, they sure are some pretty darn good suggestions aren't they?

Yes...well except for the first, second, third and fourth....unless of course that is your religion. :)
Charles Leazott said:
I love the 10 Commandments!  Regardless of their religious origin, they sure are some pretty darn good suggestions aren't they?
If it's a private school, they can do anything they like. If it's a public school and therefore run by the government, they may not. There needs to be a clear separation between church and state and displaying the 10 commandments violates that separation.
I don't see the big deal.  While I get that some people just look at it as a religious issue, if you just look at what the 10 commandments are saying they are good wholesome rules to live by.  I'm confused at why anyone would not want their child to live by the guidelines the ten commandments have set.
It's not about the intentions behind them.  It's about religion and government. If there is no separation, we are no longer a democracy, but a theocracy.  This country was founded on principles of religious freedom and when public, government schools start to add certain religious elements, we are on a slippery slope. It's by the people, for the people... That means all people, not just the Judeo/Christian. The 10 commandments are from the Old Testament, which absolutely makes it a religious issue.

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