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Comment by Candice on February 27, 2014 at 11:38pm


Comment by Candice on February 27, 2014 at 11:38pm

Please help me lose weight....

Comment by sonya hagan on July 25, 2013 at 2:20pm

Was wondering if this group ran together?

Comment by Robby Bray on November 29, 2010 at 1:27pm
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, and just wanted to go ahead and say it now. It's ok if you went a little crazy on Thursday. Trust me when I say this. Eating is not supposed to be a bad thing. If it was, it wouldn't taste so dog gone good!

So good.

So why is then that everyone is so concerned about eating too much of this or that? The main reason for this is because most people are not actively enrolled in a Fighting Fit Boot camp!

If everyone was actively engaged in a program that is of the same caliber as the Fighting Fit Boot Camp, most everyone would not have to constantly be worried about what they were eating or how much they were eating. Now I'm not saying that if you join a Fighting Fit Boot Camp that you can just eat whatever you want, and how ever much of it that you can force down. What I am saying is that the amount of calories you will be burning not only IN the boot camp class, but OUTSIDE of class, that you will have much more freedom and control over yourself, and what you can and can not eat.

You might ask, "Well what makes a Fighting Fit Boot Camp different from all the others?"

Well for starters, all the drills and exercises that we do are time tested exercises that not only Professional Athletes have been using for years now, but even Hollywood stars have been using them over the decade now. All those actors that you see in the movies DON"T look like that because of a diet plan or some club that they joined and get their meals mailed to them. The ones that look INCREDIBLE look like that because they are TRAINING! And the great thing about Fighting Fit Boot camps is that they are Really, really easy. Let me rephrase that. The workouts aren't easy, physically. But the method of training, and the overall class is made easy by the Fighting Fit Instructors. You see all Fighting Fit Boot Camp instructors are all Licensed and Certified.

No, they don't just mail someone a check and get to print their certificate out on their lap top, ALL Fighting Fit Boot Camp Instructors MUST travel every year and PHYSICALLY do all the drills under watchful eyes to show that not only they CAN do the drills, but are trained professionally, do deliver the classes to everyone that wants so badly to get into one of these programs. This way you get MAXIMUM results in the fastest time possible.

So remember when you look for a local Fighting Fit Boot Camp. If you don't see the logo, it's NOT Fighting Fit!

Look For it

So call now and reserve your place in our next 4 week cycle. Make the change now, and get the REAL results that you REALLY want.

Can't wait to see everyone next week.

Robby and Jaime Bray

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